1. The prices for our Services are displayed on the purchase page and may change from time to time. The Prices may vary between the types of analysis to be performed and the number of sessions purchased in advance. You can either use the pay-per-use model (“Single Analysis Price”) or buy a credit of sessions and your account will be credited for future use (the “Subscription”).
  2. The Subscription may be for a limited or an unlimited time period – or as provided on the purchase page.
  3. All prices displayed are inclusive of VAT
  4. Please note the price currency, which may be different from your local currency. If your card is linked to a different currency, the payments will automatically be converted to the transaction currency by your card issuer and may be subject to fee as set by your issuer.
  5. The transaction with SALSA Research will be completed and your account credited in case of a Subscription, only upon SALSA Research receiving a payment confirmation. If a confirmation number to the transaction is not displayed on the website or you do not receive a confirmation email from us, please contact SALSA Research at: [email protected]



  1. Subject to the applicable consumer protection laws, including the Israeli Consumer Protection Law, 1981 the following terms will apply to any request for cancellation and refund:
    1. You may not cancel your purchase if you used the Service.
    2. If you purchased a Subscription, you may cancel the purchase within 14 days of the purchase and receive full refund with 14 days of such cancelation to the means of payment provided in your purchase, provided that the Services were not used by you.
    3. If you purchased a Subscription not limited in time, you may cancel your Subscription subject to payment for any Services actually used in accordance with the full price of a single analysis as displayed on the purchase page. The price of such will be deducted from any funds returned to you within 14 days of such cancellation.
    4. However, if any limited time Subscription will not be refunded once the period commenced. Your only remedy may be extension of time for the use of the Services purchased.
  2. All requests for a cancellation of the Services must be made by you in writing to: SALSA Research, Haifa, Israel at [email protected] or by phone: +972-54-2862666